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It was me Dio

It was me Dio

There are a lot of epic memes on the internet while finding something like but it was me, dio is a difficult task. The anime-generated meme has rocked the internet for a quite long time. You can check out our site for the collection of the best meme to follow and share them with your friends. So check out these it was me dio meme.

But it was me dio

Dio's over-the-top glare and attitude made him meme-able from the very start, and the proof is in the famous "But it was me Dio!" line he screams in the first episode after stealing Erina's first kiss from Jonathan (the first JoJo). This scene became spontaneously iconic, and as such, a ton of great memes were generated from it.

Dio meme

However, the dio meme gained much of its traction by its inclusion in the pilot episode of the anime series, which premiered in Japan on October 5th, 2012. Since then, the screen capture of it was me Dio has appeared in several of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure discussions on the site. The unnamed user that submitted the screenshot to 4chan pointed out the quote's connection to the "Too bad, it was just me!" quote from the Glasses Sayaka image macro series. On January 24th, 2013, a new thread was built in the board on the "Jojo it was me dio" quote, which accumulated more than 55 replies before being archived. The image using you were expecting dio meme was subsequently posted to Tumblr by user Chains of Abyss.

​​​​​​​But it was me dio memes that gained a lot of popularity during the following few years until they vanished in the archives of the web. The line 'you thought it was but it was me dio' was more frequently changed to relatable things and posted on different social media sites. This meme is still a chartbuster topping against most of the memes out there. You can even see some glimpse of it on a few pages and profiles that still post them. We here at meme generator provide you with blank templates of these memes so that you can change them and edit them in a way possible for you. Use the online editor to do so.

But it was I dio meme

The first instance of the 'it was me, dio' appeared in the third and fourth chapters of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood, which was the first story series of the manga, distributed in 1987. The popularity of you thought it was Jojo but it was me dio, however, didn’t come until the scene was involved in the anime’s pilot chapter, which was broadcasted on October 5th, 2012. In 2014, photoshop edits and reiterations of dio face started showing up on Tumblr as well as Twitter.

You were expecting dio but it was me dio

It was me dio meme compilation

Making memes and making them circulate all over the internet may look easy but it is the toughest task to do. We have found people looking for it was me dio meme generator and so we made sure that everyone looking for it was me dio meme original can make great use of it. There are plenty of memes that you can use to create astonishing memes. So don't forget to share these it was me dio meme face with your friends. These memes are collected from all over the world.

This meme you expected but it was me dio soon started to flourish over the internet and different versions of it were soon seen. We have a collection of you expected but it was me dio meme on our site available for you to download the blank.


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