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Those are rookie numbers

Those are rookie numbers

Those are rookie numbers know your meme is a remarkable quote said by 'The Wolf of Wall Street' character Mark Hanna, depicted by actor Matthew McConaughey. Online, a still image from the scene gained fame as a macro and a reaction often used to lackluster performances. On December 25th, 2013, the American black comedy crime film "The Wolf of Wall Street" was released in the United States. In one scene of the movie, the character Mark Hanna, represented by Matthew McConaughey, tells the main protagonist Jordan Belfort, represented by Leonardo DiCaprio, to masturbate more often. 

So, in that scene, Matthew McConaughey is asking Leo how many times he jerks off in a week to which Leo replies that maybe three or four times. Then comes the meme of a dialogue “those are rookie numbers meme”. This dialogue has now become a worldwide meme and is being used to represent hilarious situations. The funny part of this rookie number meme is the fact that some people swear a lot throughout the day. So, if someone says that they swear around 80 to 90 times a day, it would be underestimating them. This, in turn, indicates that the meme is pointing out the fact that the average person swears more than just 80 or 90 times. They do way more than that.

Rookie numbers meme

You can always go for the best when you have it available on our website that is those are rookie numbers meme generator. The rookie numbers have always been the center of attraction in the online world. When you are up looking for a meme and don't see you gotta pump those numbers up then your search is just in vain. This meme has been used in almost every relatable situation and now you can generate it online at our website. No watermark and no ads to watch, clearly a gem for you. Meme numbers are available in full HD and you can use them almost everywhere, as it has no copyrights issue. 

You might have seen The Wolf of Wall Street movie several times and have been delighted by the storytelling of Martin Scorsese and the performance of Leonardo DiCaprio. It was such an excellent movie and also got several Oscar nominations in the year 2014. Set these excellent those are rookie numbers gif memes downloaded from our site. In that scene, Matthew McConaughey is questioning Leo how many times he jerks off in a week to which Leo responds that perhaps three or four times.

Pump those numbers up meme

Then appears the meme of a dialogue “you gotta pump those numbers up those are rookie numbers”. Matthew McConaughey rookie numbers have now become a worldwide meme and are being used to represent hilarious situations. Many meme pages feature these memes and are also included in the gallery. The Wolf of wall street rookie numbers meme has gathered a large number of followers since its origin.

These are rookie numbers meme

When you remember the legendary memes you can not forget you gotta pump up those numbers. One of the all-time favourites of all memers this meme has gained a reputation for itself. Somewhat reputation of this those are rookie numbers quote came due to the famous movie it came from. While you are browsing through these memes you can also create we gotta pump those numbers up via our site. All the output of these memes can be downloaded in full HD quality also without any watermark on them.

Pump up those numbers meme

This meme site takes you to another level if you are into the meme creation business. Here you can use our free templates to create an astonishing piece of art ready to share with your friends. Create you gotta pump those numbers up meme using the online generator and then download the final image in full HD format. We constantly update our site to let you create some new you need to pump those numbers up memes for free. So wait no more and go create wolf of wall street meme for free now.

Wolf of wall street meme

The best thing about our those are rookie numbers know your meme generator is that it can generate a series of variations of memes as per your choice and then you can select the best between them. All of these you gotta pump those numbers up meme are free to use and has no copyrights on them we don't even use watermarks on the final generated you need to pump those numbers up meme. So trust us in the creation of the best collection of the meme here at our site and share them all over the internet.


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