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Friendship ended with

It was a memorable day, September of 2015, when a Pakistani man Asif Raza posted an image on Facebook stating Friendship ended with Mudasir and Now Salman is my best friend. This was the birth friendship ended with meme on the internet. The post went viral overnight, and users over the internet began forming two parties for both of them while trying to figure out what had occurred between Raza and Mudasir. 

Friendship ended with template

Fo starts editing this friendship ended with blank now. While on the other side Raza would say is that Mudasir was acting very selfish and proud so eventually, he ended it. In a time when memes have become political talking points and symbols of hate, the friendship ended meme generator and their happy end are a signal of hope in a dark world.

Friendship ended meme

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Friendship with ended meme

One of the epic memes from an online post from a user in Pakistan saying Salman is my new best friend and my friendship ended with Mudasir. This meme suddenly gained popularity and started circulating all over the internet as people used them to show their feelings towards their friends showing they are not happy with their friendship. We here have curated a list of ended friendship meme that you will probably like and also share with your friends. This epic is still a hot topic so download this my friendship with is over meme and share with friends.

My new best friend meme

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