You Guys Are Getting Paid

You guys are getting paid

You guys are getting paid meme originates from the 2013 American movie, We’re the Millers. One of the epic scenes from the comedy movie involves Kenny Rossmore (the role played by Will Poulter) learning about the fact that Rose O’Reilly (the part played by Jennifer Aniston) and Casey Mathis (the role played by Emma Roberts) were getting paid by David Clark (the part played by Jason Sudeikis) to smuggle weed from Mexico to the US.

Wait you guys are getting paid

The reward money was distributed among the family unevenly to which Kenny responds with “You guys are getting paid?”, comedically unaware that the other members were receiving payment. The ‘wait you guys are getting paid meme‘ went viral on the Reddit platform in the year 2019 and since then there have been a lot of different versions like – ‘Wait, you guys are getting sleep?’, ‘Wait, you guys are getting laid?’, etc. The popular use of this you guys are getting paid meme is to express a rude awakening about monetary value.

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The series, We’re the Millers broadcasted in the United States on August 3rd, 2013. One of the scenes displays the drug smugglers, posing as a family, debating about the disparity in the payment each member takes. This marked the beginning of we’re the millers meme. The final word goes to the role, Kenny (portrayed by Will Poulter) who accompanies the debate with the inquiry “You guys are getting paid?”. Thus the iconic you’re getting paid meme began commencing.

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You guys get paid meme

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You guys are getting paid meme blank

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You guys are getting paid meme guy

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